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Helping Cyclists Get Faster

With over 145 million workouts in its system, TrainerRoad makes cyclists faster with training plans, structured workouts, and cycling analytics. Lofty Word was a long-time partner leading work on the brand and product design as TrainerRoad scaled from a small start-up to an established player in the indoor-training market.

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Brand Strategy

TrainerRoad has a straightforward goal — to make cyclists faster. The brand values and visual language all center on this statement and celebrates its simplicity. Utilizing strong typography and bold colors defines that there is a commitment in this endeavor and that TrainerRoad is the right partner to make that happen.

Product Design

At its core, TrainerRoad is a technology solution for athletes. The product applications were created in an iterative process using athlete personas and data-driven decision-making. A large portion of time was spent defining and refining what that product experience meant for the athletes it serves. Producing value at each stage and validating future concepts.

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