Proven Process Delivering Custom Results

Create alignment, accountability, and clarity for your brand by following a strategy-first creative process designed to serve your business objectives.

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At the beginning of every new engagement, there is discovery. Discovery of your organization's "why," who your customers are, what they care about, and how your values shape your culture, visual language, and business operations. Utilizing discovery workshops, research, and available data, we define and paint a picture of what your brand is to become.

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The core reason to embark on a new project is to serve a business objective you have outlined. Understanding the problem, why it's important, and how we validate it has been fixed. Using these objectives as our north star, we calculate the proper solutions to meet your goals.

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We generate solutions and designs for internal review and external validation using our aligned strategy and brand discovery. This is the stage where you see the brand transform into its future self.

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The exciting moment when all the hard work has been released and into the hands of your waiting customers. Depending on the output, this can take digital form or a produced collateral piece at a tradeshow. Lofty Word is your partner to ensure the launch goes smoothly in whatever form it is received.

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The Design Process is not linear. It doesn't start at discovery and end at delivery. Once in your customer's hands, it opens the door to the most insight possible. Validating how each solution is received after launch allows for further iteration, improvement, and making sure your business objectives are continually being met.

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