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Creating Clarity For All Parties Involved.

Lodestar, commonly referred to as the "North Star," guides ships during their travels across the sea. Our client offers Civil Engineering and Land Surveying, guiding their respective clients through the complex and sometimes daunting land development process.

Lodestar Engineering | Brand Strategy, Identity Design, Website

Brand Strategy

Lodestar wanted to stand apart from the traditional corporate-focused engineering firms while showing its wide range of capabilities and offerings. We created a personal boutique brand that aligned with the values behind the work and was critical in standing out from the rest.

Website Design

Civil engineering and land surveying have a wide array of services and requirements for each project. We've taken an education-first approach to the website content, allowing viewers to quickly and easily understand that Lodestar has the services and skill set to be a partner in their project.

"Lofty Word showed me how essential branding is and exceeded my expectations in the value they brought to the table."

Taylor Elze CEO, Lodestar Engineering

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